Friday, August 2, 2013

Romance in the marriage

So ,  I am no great expert at marriage. Just been married for over a year  now. But have my own take on marriage :)But I pose this question to the newly.married (love and arranged) and the veterans who have completed so many years of their marriage "Is the ROMANCE still alive" I do not know whether it is the fact that the two people in a marriage know each other too w well that they rake it for granted that they so not need to special things for them cos they know you will love them. I see so many couples around me who have been die hard romantics before they got married and all of a sudden it vanishes in thin air. Well by  romance I don't mean you have to write poetry for him/her but just make sure you make him/her feel special be it in your words or action. I thinks a simple honest  kiss or the 3 magical  words can do the trick. But yeah.. where we have the tine or you can say we love them.. its all in the heart..Well I say if its in the heart show it!! Simple gestures can create wonders. You never know your partner may be yearning to hear it from you but may not bring it up because it may hurt to you. So give it some thought and the next time pleasantly surprise them...

Ps: please.leave your comments below. Would love to hear your take on it.. byr f9r now.. ciao :)